A beautiful hill dressed like Sunday draped in the twisted sycamore trees

I don’t remember your soul,

but I know it wasn’t in your eyes.

The ocean I thought I knew,

a puddle splishsplash

A life update:

I am currently majoring in Religious Studies and English and minoring in philosophy. I still enjoy making music and appreciating beautiful things as I used to, it just so happens that now there are beautiful things in my life and not abstractions that I fixate on. I am still lazy, but ambitious. Hopeful, but nihilistic. I miss certain aspects of this website so I may begin making a more conscious effort to reconnect. Music is still my passion, but who knows what the future of music; so I have made my more practical life goal related to becoming an academic. I want to impact the world with my mind and that seems like the best way. I would love to talk to anyone who I haven’t talked to in a while and wish everyone a very Happy holidays.